Welcome to the Livingston Gem & Mineral Society

Join us to polish gems, learn silversmithing, explore mineralogy

About Us

The Livingston Gem & Mineral Society was established in 1970

Our Mission

The Livingston Gem and Mineral Society is a non-profit organization and member of the Midwest Federation of Mineralogical Societies. Our purpose is to promote, through educational means, public interest and increased knowledge in the fields of mineralogy, archaeology, paleontology, and the lapidary arts.


In addition to having access to hundreds of years of collective experience in the areas of lapidary arts, jewelry making, mineralogy, and much more, all members have access to our fully outfitted workshop. The workshop includes a full range of lapidary saws, grinding, and polishing equipment, a complete jewelry making studio including soldering stations, rolling mills, stone setting tools, casting & investing stations, and more. The workshop also includes kilns and equipment for glass bead making, a full kitchen with coffee and snacks, and a great group of new friends waiting to share their experience with you!

Membership costs $50/year and provides full access to the LGMS Workshop. There is a $2/day shop fee charged to help replenish consumables such and grinding wheels, saw blades, etc. There is a $2/day Jewelery Studio fee to help replensish consubales such as torch gas, solder, polishing compounds, etc.

Our Specialties

Share in over 50 years of expertise and learn from our experienced members

Slab Cutting

Learn to cut large rough semi-precious gems and minerals into beautiful, museum quality specimen slabs

Cabochon Forming

Learn the art of cutting, shaping and polishing jewelry quality gems and minerals

Jewelry Making

Learn to make copper and silver jewelry from experienced jewelers and silversmiths

Stone Setting

Learn the art of stone setting to incorporate your cabochons into beautiful jewelry

Wire Wrapping

Learn how to wire wrap a stone or gem to create a one-of-a-kind pendant.

Gemstone Identification

Learn the skill of gemstone and fossil identification from one of our experienced members


Below you will find examples of work created by our members. After just a short time you too could be making these amazing creations

Our Officers

Meet the 2017 Livingston Gem & Mineral Society Officers

Sherylnn Everly


Ann Marie McFadden

Vice President

Lori Keefer


Shelia York


Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with any question about membership, services offered, or any general queries and we will respond as quickly as possible.

9525 E. Highland Rd.
Howell, MI 48843-9098

Workshop Hours:
Monday: 10am - 1pm
Tuesday: 9am - 9pm
Wednesday: 10am - 9pm
Friday: 10am - 2pm


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Visit the 44th Annual Rockhounds Dream Show

Saturday September 16th from 10am - 6pm
Sunday September 17th from 10am - 4pm

Gem & Mineral Dealers

Looking to jumpstart your collection? We will have many of the finest Gem & Lapidary dealers in the Midwest

Custom Jewelry

Jewelers specialzing in lapidary and gemstone work will have a wide variety of pieces to choose from

Lapidary & Fossil Displays

Enjoy our extensive fossil, gem, and mineral speciman collection curated from over 50 years of rockhounding


Watch our members show off their Silversmithing, Wire Wrapping, and Lapidary skills in our shop

Silent Auction

Bid on museum quality gem and mineral specimens, custom gemstone jewelry, and much more

Childrens Activities

Fun and educational games, quizzes, and free specimens to start their collection and inspire their curiousity

Hartland Education Support Service Center (Old Hartland High School)

9525 Highland Road, Howell, Michigan 48843
Admission: Adults/Seniors $3.00, Students $1.00, Children Under 12 free

Food concession by Hartland 4-H

Prospective vendors can contact us at info@livingstongems.com